Zhejiang Jurong Industrial Co., Ltd. has its own design team, mold group, production group and foreign trade sales team. We are committed to a comprehensive one-stop service. Currently we have common shelf sizes 35 * 24cm, 35 * 29cm, 35 * 35cm with holes, 50 * 25cm, 48 * 35cm, 48 * 35cm with holes, 53 * 35cm, 60 * 35cm, 65 * 35cm, 70 * 35cm, 80 * 35cm with holes, 47 * 47cm, 50 * 50cm with holes, 52 * 38cm, 60 * 40cm, 40 * 40cm, with holes 79 * 46cm, with holes 90 * 45cm. There are also about a dozen sets of irregular-sized product molds.

Zhejiang Jurong Industry's former life is Hongyuan Mould, which has nearly 20 years of development history. The company was founded in Guangzhou in 1999. At the beginning, the company was just a small factory with 6 employees. At first it only had a few simple injection molding machines. In the ten years in Guangzhou, our production has continuously expanded and our accumulated experience is gradually getting richer. In order to expand the company's scale, we moved the factory to Yinzhou, Zhejiang in 2009, and established Zhejiang Jurong Industrial Co., Ltd. The factory scale also expanded to 100 acres, and the number of employees increased from 20 to 80. After relocating to a new address, the company focused on developing new product molds. At present, we have hundreds of sets of market-selling plastic shelf molds and plastic product molds.

The company's products are mainly plastic products based on HIPS, PP and ABS materials. Supermarket display shelves are our flagship products. We have been able to provide customers with all-round design and promotion products and solutions that meet customer needs. At present, the company continues to expand the product dimension and is committed to researching and designing the large and small shelves required by various markets. We hope this will help more and more customers to provide products that meet their requirements. Hope that Zhejiang Jurong Industry can provide top-level services and products to customers around the world in the future.