Economic Customize Plastic Shipping Mall Shelves

Economic Customize Plastic Shipping Mall Shelves

Economic customize plastic shipping mall shelves
These shelving units can be placed in any place to provide additional storage spaces. The tube and panel systems can be adjusted to different heights by reducing or adding tiers. They come in different colors to fit your products. The shelves, which is the main material for the shelf, is made from recycled materials. The PVC tubes are made from recycled plastic and are tested for their durability. A simple attitude towards lifestyle is reflected directly on the design of our display stand, creating a trend of simple nature. 
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Product Details

                       Economic customize plastic shipping mall shelves                         


Supports up to 150 lbs. per shelf

Size: 52*38cm

Height: customized

Ventilated design resists mold and keeps shelves clean

Fast and easy assembly, no tools required

Heavy duty resin plastic construction will not rust, stain, peel or dent

100% new PP material


Trade Show Display Shelving focuses on the consumer's wish to purchase goods and can grab the attention, interest, desire, memory, and a series of mental activities.

Trade Show Display Shelving is a great advertising tool that has a direct impact on your product sales.

Use our great Trade Show Display Shelving to display your products to promote your brands.


(1) Q: Can you provide sample?

     A: Of course we can provide samples! Depending on the particular model samples we charge a reasonable fee.  

(2) Q: Can you print our logo on the case and design the case interior?

     A: There are many technical options to bring your logo on the cases. With your artwork, colors and case model we help you to determine the best options for your branding.

 (3). Q: We have very special requirements. Can you design our individual case or packaging solution?

     A: Sure, we could open new mould for you according to you sample and design drawing, astonishingly fast and surprisingly affordable!

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Zhejiang Jurong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Mail address:

Contact Person: Daisy

Wechat/Phone NO.: +86 137 3251 1379  

QQ: 916074048

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