Supermarket Plastic Display Stand For Seasoner

1. Plastic tray size: 70*35cm 2. Tube size: can be customized 3. Color: according to Pantone color card 4. Header: colorful printing on Foamed PVC sheet 5. Layers: 2-5 layers
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Supermarket  plastic display stand for seasoner

Our Factory name is Zhejiang Jurong Industrial Co., Ltd.  We have been producing plastic display shelves for many years. We used to sell it at home. You can see our products in Every supermarket in China. With the development of the times, we keep up with the pace of the new era and sell our plastic shelves all over the world.  We use good quality, sincere service to win the trust of customers.  Welcome to visit our factory and send mail/inquiry to us freely!

Other plastic shelves: 

Below are some of our products.  Multiple sizes, multiple designs, so that customers have more choices. 

Our plastic display stand in supermarket: 

First impressions are everything.

Your product may be the best on the market, but how are you conveying that to shoppers? What would you like your customer to see when they are looking for your product? Do you want them to walk past the naked merchandise, or would you rather they stop, curious about the story you have crafted with packaging? You can attract potential customers with creative, attractive and informative displays and packaging.

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Our Factory: 

The Jurong Display shelf team has a wealth of industry experience, with a commitment to delivering first-class customer service at the heart of everything we do. 

We are very proud of our team and they are proud of what they can achieve for you.


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