Beverage Supermarket POP Plastic Display Shelf

1.Size:79*48cm 2.Material:HIPS 3.Printing:Thermal transfer 4.Layer:3 layers(customized) 5.Color:Blue(customized) 6.Holder:PVC Material 7.Billboard:PVC Foam Board 8.MOQ:100 sets 9.Package:1 set/carton 10.Carton Size:80.5*19.5*49.5cm
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Product Details

Product Specification

Products Size:79*47cm
Description:Beverage Supermarket POP Plastic Display Shelf
Height:Can be customized
Material: HIPS
Tube Material: PVC square tube 4*4cm
Packing:1set/1ctn   carton size 80.5*19.5*49.5cm
Color:Pantone color
Printing:one color silk screen / Multicolor heat transfer printing
BillBoard:Foamcore Board/KT Board
Ties:2-5 layers
Sample charge:USD80-150   return once we get 200sets per order
Sample time:7 days

HIPS Material Advantage

1. Easy to process, mold parts are mostly made of metal materials, and some structural shapes are still complicated. In order to shorten the production cycle and improve efficiency, mold materials are required to be easily processed into the shape and accuracy required by drawings.

2. Good abrasion resistance The gloss and accuracy of the surface of plastic parts are directly related to the abrasion resistance of the mold cavity surface, especially when some plastics are added with glass fiber, inorganic fillers and certain pigments, they and plastic The melt flows at a rapid speed in the flow channel and the mold cavity together, and the friction on the surface of the cavity is very large. If the material is not abrasion-resistant, it will wear quickly and damage the quality of the plastic part.

3. High corrosion resistance Many resins and additives have a corrosive effect on the surface of the cavity. This corrosion causes the surface of the cavity to dissolve and peel off the metal, the surface condition is deteriorated, and the quality of the plastic parts is deteriorated. Therefore, it is best to use corrosion-resistant steel or chrome and nickel plating on the surface of the cavity.

4. Good dimensional stability During injection molding, the temperature of the mold cavity must be above 300 ° C. For this reason, it is best to use tool steel (heat-treated steel) that has been appropriately tempered. Otherwise, the microstructure of the material will be changed, which will cause the size of the mold to change.

Beverage Supermarket POP Plastic Display Shelf

Benefits of Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer is an emerging printing process that has been introduced from abroad for less than 10 years. The printing method of this process is divided into two parts: transfer film printing and transfer processing. The transfer film printing uses dot printing (resolution 300dpi), and the pattern is printed on the film surface in advance. The printed pattern is rich in layers, bright and colorful. , The color difference is small, the reproducibility is good, it can meet the requirements of the designer, and it is suitable for mass production.

Beverage Supermarket POP Plastic Display Shelf

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