Novelty Shaped Plastic Display Shelves For Drinks

1. Length of tray: 47cm 2. Side board size: 43.8*16cm 3. Total size: 56.5*49.5*160cm 4. Material: HIPS 5. Surface treatments: matte Paint 6. MOQ: 100sets
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Novelty Shaped plastic display shelves for drinks

This novel plastic display rack is designed according to our customers' beverage product concept.It's a very fancy looking, easy to assemble, strong shelf and a very attractive display stand.The material is HIPS, which is very popular; the surface is made of spray paint.The quality is very good!

>> Top design: Our specialist structural & graphic design teams have plenty of experience with displays for a very diverse range of products. And still, they like to start from scratch each time. Because they want to give your product the individual attention it deserves. All our displays and installations have one goal only: to make your products shine as much as possible!


>If you have a creative idea, you don't already have your structural design and graphic design ready for manufacture. Ready to discuss further? Tell us about your project, our fully equipped and experienced professional design team will be happy to help you from start to finish if you wish. We'll bring your vision to life. Rely on our experience to create a unique display solution with exceptional POP. We'll ask targeted questions to determine the proper specifications of your project.

We love a challenge and relish the chance to be creative at every opportunity, whilst keeping an eye on cost and ease of assembly – and always minimizing waste.

Below are some of our products.  Multiple sizes, multiple designs, so that customers have more choices. 

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