POP Exhibition Beverage Display Stand

6040 POP Exhibition Beverage Display Stand is one of the most popular plastic display stand in our company.The material is PP,and we also accept HIPS material.It has three side billboard and one top billboard,it can help customers to show their product information more clearly.Printing is one color silk print.The Layer of number is customized and the holder material is PVC material.
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Product Details

Product Details



Holder Material:PVC material

Holder Size:3.7*3.7cm

Billboard:Chevron board or KT board

Billboard Design: Customized

Printing:one color silk screen

Layer:4 layers

Load Bearing:more than 260kg

Package:1 set/Carton

Package size:61.5*41.5*22.5cm

POP Exhibition Beverage Display Stand


How Display Racks help to Show Products

Commodity display is to achieve the role of beautifying the storefront and stimulating the consumer, rather than simply placing the goods together. A good merchandise display layout can not only create a "boutique" atmosphere, but also highlight the volume of goods and the characteristics at a glance, so that consumers can find and extract.

Scientific, professional, and consumer-oriented merchandise display can often drive sales growth of 30%-40%. Good merchandise display insists on placing the merchandise on the shelves in a position that is easy for consumers to approach, and as much as possible, allows consumers to have the impulse to contact the merchandise, while at the same time not displaying the same merchandise on the entire laminate, keeping the shelf appearance neat and tidy, and the price tag , POP and other signs should correspond to the goods, and do not hide out of stock. Therefore, the shelf can help customers better display goods.

POP Exhibition Beverage Display Stand

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We has own mold factory, with total assets of 80 million and a land area of 10,000 m² workshop. A professional team with more than 80 workmates. Located in western of Zhejiang, Airport and high speed rail station in local

POP Exhibition Beverage Display Stand

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If you have a creative idea, you don't already have your structural design and graphic design ready for manufacture. Ready to discuss further? Tell us about your project, our fully equipped and experienced professional design team will be happy to help you from start to finish if you wish. We'll bring your vision to life. Rely on our experience to create a unique display solution with exceptional POP. We'll ask targeted questions to determine the proper specifications of your project

POP Exhibition Beverage Display Stand

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