Product Plastic Display Tray For Imn Milk

This product we open mould and manufacture for vitasoy company.The length is 195mm and the width is 135mm.It can tolerate 6 bottles.We spend about 30 days to open the mould and it takes about 3 days to test samples,now we prepare to mass production.We pack 40 sets per carton and the carton size is 54.3*40.5*54cm.The color and printing can be customized for different client.Welcome to contact us if there is any requirements.
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Product Details

Product Details

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Product Specification

1.Material:HIPS material


3.Diameter: 41cm

4.Printing: One Silk Screen Printing

5.Tolerant:6 bottles

6.Package: 10 sets/carton

7.Carton Size:41.5x42.5x57cm  


How to Choose Product Material

Normally there are three kinds of material can be choose,they are ABS,HIPS and PP material,ABS is the best material but the most expensive one,the then is HIPS and the last one is PP material but the cheapest one.But it doesn't mean PP material is not good,but ABS and HIPS material is not easy to deform.It can consider by different clients.

The Necessity of Plastic Display Tray

1.Lightweight and easy to use

2.Products can be stacked and do not take up extra space

3.PP matrial has long service life.

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