Blue new design retailed store display rack design.

- Aug 01, 2019-

Client could choose the idea they wanted, and communicate our your concept. 


Let's see if we have the right-sized mold or not. And we can use your artwork file, add the advertising board. Side board, top board and front edge label, you can choose colorful or single color.


If we have no right size you like. we could design it for you. Normal layer size is 35*24, 35*35, 39*39, 41*41, 48*35, 53*27, 53*35, 60*35, 65*35, 70*35, 80*35, 79*48, 90*45cm etc.

Mold design time is 25-30 days, we have mold workshop, there's a lot of equipment.


We can design the tube size, Height is customized according to your product size.

after molds all finished, we arrange the new mold to machine and text new product. when new product is ok, we will combine them, and take photo for clien check, then choose the best one, send sample to the designated address.



  Contact person: Amy Wang ^_^

Plastic shelves 
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