display shelves attraction

- Sep 04, 2019-

1, Sense of design.

Display ark prop also is to need artistic beauty. Display ark through

artistic modelling makes cosmetic clever layout, mutual reflect, achieve artistic effect of integral beauty. The method of display should be novel and unique, ingenious in conception, which has an irresistible attraction to consumers.


2, high-lighting

In order to attract consumers and facilitate consumers to visit and

buy, retail stores should flexibly choose the display position, space, location and stacking method of products according to the

characteristics of products, so that customers can see the complete scene at a glance, at a glance.


3, humanization

According to the psychological requirements of consumers and

shopping habits, for the same variety or the same series of

cosmetics display cabinet should be displayed in the same

 location. Display height should be appropriate, easy for consumers to see and feel, improve the visibility of cosmetics and positive

visual effects.


4, Prescriptive

Want to have all sorts of specification data of cosmetic on, wait like price, article number, fabrics, brand, producing area, should

comprehensive, true, facilitate consumer to understand the

cosmetic that show ark shows in the round.