How to assemble the display shelves

- Mar 13, 2019-

              Installation instruction 

                                         ---35*24cm, 5 levels plastic display shelves


12pcs 25cm tube

4pcs 7.5cm tube

4 pcs 30cm tube on base

2 pcs 30cm signpost.

Topper Banner

1 pc circle hollow out

Cover board

13 pcs 



prepare 4 foot tube, and put into the layer.

then add 30cm base tubes on the bottom layer. 

after combine 2 layers, we insert 4 tubes and add third layer. 

As this, we finished 5 layers.

 We add the 2 pcs of advertising tube. and put circular board.

Then combine the Hook&Loop together, and paste on the tube. 

Paste the hook&loop one by one. 

Paste hook&loop

image image



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