How to clean the beverage display stand

- Nov 16, 2018-

First of all, the rag must be clean. When cleaning the food display rack, be sure to choose a clean rag to scrub. When cleaning or erasing dust, use a clean rag. Do not use dirty rags for laziness. The surface of the display stand is tarnished.

Secondly, in order to maintain the original brightness of the food display rack, the choice of care agent is generally used for care spray wax or cleaning and maintenance agent. The former is mainly for wood, polyester, paint, fireproof rubber sheet and other materials. Display rack, the latter is mainly suitable for all kinds of wood, glass, synthetic wood or imitation board and other solid wood display racks. Before using the care spray wax and cleaning maintenance agent, shake it and spray it directly, at a 45 degree angle, let The liquid component in the tank can be completely released without losing pressure. Wipe gently to make the display stand bright and clean, which can provide the best cleaning and maintenance effect. As for the display rack with difficult material, you can use the cleaning carpet. Cleaning and maintenance agent.