How to maintain plastic shelves

- Nov 16, 2018-

First, how to maintain the plastic shelf, although the plastic shelves have been surface treatment, but also pay attention to moisture during use. Plastic shelves need to be wiped clean with a rag after damp, to avoid rusting the plastic shelves, especially the interface position of the plastic shelves, which is relatively easy to rust.

Second, the plastic shelf should not be overloaded during use. Each plastic shelf has its maximum load. It has been destined in the design. In this case, how to maintain the plastic shelf, it is necessary to pay attention to not use it during use. Load to avoid potential safety hazards.

Third, we must pay attention to the size of the goods, not super high and wide, the size of the card and goods should be less than 100mm in the size of the shelf.

Fourth, the handling of goods should be handled gently to avoid hitting the shelves.

Fifth, we must abide by the principle of placing light objects on the high-rise of plastic shelves and placing heavy objects on the bottom.

Sixth, to choose a quality card board, do not need a standard card board.

Seven, when the plastic shelves store goods, avoid people entering the bottom of the shelf, safety first.