How to use plastic trays correctly

- Oct 29, 2019-

1. The plastic tray should be placed gently to avoid uneven force and damage when landing.

2. When placing the goods, they should be placed evenly to avoid the sharp surface directly pressing on the bottom of the plastic turnover box. Side impact or damage will occur due to uneven force. In more serious cases, the goods inside the box will be damaged.

3. When using the matching plastic tray, it should be considered whether the size of the plastic turnover box is suitable for the use of this plastic tray, to avoid the size is not suitable, and the side or the box is not properly placed.

4. When working in a forklift or manual hydraulic vehicle, the fork spurs the plastic tray as smoothly as possible before changing the angle. The fork thorn should not hit the side of the plastic tray to avoid causing the plastic tray to break and indirectly damage the plastic crates and cargo.

5. When racking on plastic pallets, shelf type pallets must be used. The carrying capacity depends on the shelf structure. Overloading is strictly prohibited.