Introduction to the use of display stands

- Nov 16, 2018-

1. Electronic (IT) category: Acrylic mobile phone holder, acrylic USB flash drive, MP3/MP4 display stand, plexiglass VCD display stand, digital camera display stand, laptop display stand, camera display stand, ACRYLIC remote control set frame. Battery case , image display cabinets, special cabinets, etc.

2, decoration categories: plexiglass decorations, property signs, billboards, image cards, tissue boxes, etc.

3. Tobacco famous wines: cigarette racks, plastic cigarette cases, wine racks, wine boxes, acrylic wine brands, triangle cards, tobacco and alcohol special counters, etc.

4, supplies display categories: information frame, pen holder, shoe rack, glasses frame, watch display stand, business card holder, stationery seat, acrylic desk calendar and so on.

5, women's products category: cosmetic skin care products display rack, jewelry boxes, jewelry props, jewelry display racks, image display cabinets.

6, boutique categories: phase seat, fish tank, image frame, medicine box, paper town, boutique exhibition box, distribution card.

7, crystal crafts: crystal trophy, crystal model, crystal engraving, crystal ornaments.

8, crystal rubber products: crystal glue crafts, authentic products.