Plastic tray shelf design three steps

- Nov 16, 2018-

1) At the library management and operation level

Both the library management and the operational level must match and balance, otherwise the system machinery will not be fully functional. The level of operation is from primary to advanced, and the management level must also correspond to it.

2) Size of goods and shelves

In order to make the goods smoothly and unobstructed into the warehouse and out of the warehouse, the goods and shelves should maintain a certain gap. The manufacturing accuracy and stopping accuracy of the stacker, the accuracy of the shelf manufacturing, and the margin size can be determined to determine the relationship between the shelf and the goods.

3) Classification of goods, system mechanical composition

According to the relevant logistics technical data, according to the size and nature of the items, the appropriate plastic trays are produced. It is also necessary to consider the optimal time to determine the optimal system based on the conditions of the library time, the frequency of delivery, the peak of each day and every season, the presence or absence of automatic picking machinery and related management forms, and thus select the corresponding mechanical and information processing system.