Types and differences of plastics

- Aug 12, 2019-

PP material (polypropylene) is a very safe and lightweight plastic material with good heat resistance, unique gloss on the surface and easy to process to produce bright colors. Because of the high bending strength, it is integrated in production. When forming a container (like a container with a lid and a box body), it is often preferred to use some types of materials. PP plastic boxes are also transparent boxes that are processed and produced from such plastics. They are often used in the packaging of some baby products.

PVC material (polyvinyl chloride), the biggest characteristic of PVC material is that it can be added with different additives, and it can be made into various kinds of soft and hard materials with different textures and different plasticity. PVC materials are low in cost, good in transparency, and have very good flexibility. They are suitable for making all kinds of plastic products and PVC packaging boxes.

PET material (polyethylene terephthalate), which is often seen in the PET bottle, PET can also be used as a fiber. The biggest feature of PET is that it has a complete recycling system, which is highly efficient. Due to its environmental protection and safety, the materials are widely used in the plastic packaging and blister packaging industries.

In addition to the three materials described above, such as: polyethylene (PE), is a raw material that is often used to process plastic wrap, plastic bags, PE is relatively easy to form because of its low price, it is also a common production. The material of the plastic bucket. PE is not heat resistant, but can withstand low temperatures of minus 20 degrees.

Polystyrene (PS) and the previous CD case are produced by PS and are also commonly used materials for plastic models. PS is relatively easy to color, but PS is not heat-resistant, easy to break, but it is easier to process anti-static products, which is often used in the electronics industry. A PS-like anti-static blister tray is one of them.

ABS resin is much stronger than PS and has very good fluidity during molding. It is a very common material used in the injection molding industry.

PC (polycarbonate), good strength, is used to make materials that require high transparency and good strength. It is often used to make CD discs with good light resistance.

PA material (nylon), which is a plastic material used as a fiber. PA has tensile strength, compression resistance and bending properties, and PA is often used to make various parts.

These plastic materials are generally in use, their commonality is softened after heating, therefore, such materials are attributed to thermoplastics