Workshop daily-shelves manufacture and package

- May 31, 2019-

The famous brand JINLONGYU, Jurong design the special display shelves for the oil promotion. 

    Golden arowana listed in 28 years, uphold integrity, innovation, quality, service four major business philosophy, and here to the "warm affection family" brand appeal, grain and oil food, the Chinese kitchen as his own business, strictly control product quality, continuous research and development to meet market demand the product, provide consumers with the choice of diversification. Up to now, the brand series of golden dragon fish products have covered eight fields, such as cooking oil, rice, flour, noodles, rice flour, soybean milk, condiments, catering grains and oils, and truly served 300 million Chinese families 


The shelves size: 

53*27*5cm per layer 

Height size is 125cm. according on your products dimension.

Color: blue. 

Print: silk-screen print, 3colors in pantone book( white, red, yellow logo&slogan ).  

Package: Double corrugated box, PE packing strap. 

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