Color Customized Supermarket Display Shelves

1.Material:PP 2.Size:35*24*5cm 3.Layer:4 Layers 4.Color:Pantone Color 5.Billboard:PVC Foam Board 6.Holder:PVC Material 7.Package:2 sets/carton 8.Carton Size: 49*16.5*36cm 9.MOQ:100 sets
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Product Details

Product Details

 What's the material of picture board: The head card is use PVC foam board, Some customer will use KT board (more light).What's the material of Plastic tube: Plastic tube, you can choose color in pantone book, also can use transparent tube. tube height can make more shorter or more longer. it's depond on your products heights.What's the material of Plastic tray: you can use PP or HIPS.  You can screen print on the tray front, two sides and back. some client will choose 1 color, some will choose 2-3colors, It's ok. What's the material of connecting strip: How to contact the board to tubes. The hook&loop paste. we have many width type, such as size 1cm, 1.6cm, 2cm, 3cm, 5cm, 7cm.Also we can make hole on the tube, and use plastic nail install.We have shelves with many kinds of sizes, below are some of our products.  Multiple sizes, multiple designs, so that customers have more choices.

Product Specification

Product Size:35*24*5cm


Billboard:PVC Foam Board

Billboard Size:24*30cm

Holder:PVC Material

Holder Height:Customized

Printing:One silk screen printing

Package:2 sets/carton

Carton Size:49*16.5*36cm


About Design

We have our own design apartment,we can help customers design product and open new mould.So client can send us your sample or drawing.We have already have more than 50 sets moulds.

Color Customized Supermarket Display Shelves

Product Advantage

Shelf is a kind of rack structure, with various structural forms, which can store scattered small items, such as shelf-type shelves, loft-style shelves, etc., and can also store items with larger packaging specifications. The main features are as follows:

1. Shelves can make full use of warehouse space, improve storage capacity utilization, and expand warehouse storage capacity.

2. The goods stored in the shelves are not squeezed by each other, and the loss of materials is small, which can completely guarantee the function of the capital body and reduce the loss of goods.

3. The goods in the storage shelf are easy to access, easy to count and measure, and can be advanced first in, first out.

4. To ensure the quality of stored goods, measures such as moisture, dust, burglary and vandalism can be taken to improve the quality of material storage.

5. The structure and function of many new shelves are conducive to the mechanization and automatic management of warehouses.

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