New Size 55*35cm Display Stand

1. plastic tray size is 55*35*5cm
2. It is new size of the plastic display stand
3. The tray with holes
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Product Details

new size 55*35cm display stand

The normal rack size: 

35*24cm, 35*29cm, 35*35cm with hole, 50*25cm, 48*35cm, 48*35cm with hole, 53*35cm, 53*27cm, 55*35cm, 60*35cm, 65*35cm, 70*35cm, 80*35cm with hole, 47*47cm,50*50cm with hole, 52*38cm,60*40cm, 40*40cm, 41*41cm, 79*46cm with hole, 90*45cm with hole.




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