Plastic Milk Display Shelves

This kind of milk plastic display rack we manufacture for a famous company in China.The material is PP.The display of this shelf can be combined, so customers can freely adjust the size of the layer.The color of display can be customized.The layer of number is also can be customized.This kind of display can be make customer's products more impression.
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Product Details

Product Description



3.Layer of number:2~5 layers

4.Color:Pantone Number


6.Package: 1 set/carton

7.Carton Size: Customized


Plastic Milk Display Shelves

The Advantage of Milk Display Shelf

1.Splicing layer

The layer of display we designed for splicing. So customers can freely increase or decrease the number of layers, change the size of the layer according to actual needs.

2.Customized Holder length

The length of holder is customized, customers can choose the length of it depends on their products.

3.Billboard and laminate integration materials

The material of top billboard and side billboard is the same,it makes the overall design of the shelf more integrated 

4.The display is detachable

The display is detachable, it can help us lower the delivery cost efficiently

Plastic Milk Display Shelves

Plastic Milk Display Shelves

The Improtant of Surpermarket Plastic Display

Give full play to the role of display in sales, product display is consumer-centric, consumer-oriented, based on consumer psychology and behavioral habits, using scientific methods to display product characteristics, thereby achieving image and attracting people , stimulate consumption, thereby increasing sales purposes. It is also possible to make the store appear full of vitality through the special display of promotional items, which has a strong sense of sensation, and thus forms a good price and product image, which leads to the promotion of sales by people.

Plastic Milk Display Shelves

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