Analysis Of Development Trend Of Plastic Shelf Mould

- Nov 16, 2018-

In recent years, China's plastic shelf molds have developed at a relatively fast pace. At present, China's plastic shelf molds account for about 30% of the entire mold industry. With the rapid development of China's automobiles, home appliances, electronic communications, and various types of plastic molds, it is expected that the proportion of plastic shelf molds in the total mold market will gradually increase, and the development speed will be faster than other molds.

In the production of automobiles, all kinds of functional parts must be formed by moulds. Only one more than 200 pieces of interior parts molds are needed to make a normal car, and the large and medium-sized ones required for the manufacture of bumpers, instrument panels, fuel tanks, steering wheels, etc. Plastic molds, from the mold industry production capacity, the current satisfaction rate is only about 50%.

In the field of construction, the large replacement of traditional materials by plastic shelf building materials is also the trend of the times. It is expected that the national plastic door and plastic pipe penetration rate will reach more than 45% in 2012, and the plastic drainage pipe market share will exceed 50%, which will greatly increase the demand for molds.