Design Rules For Display Stands

- Nov 16, 2018-

Firstly, the display space of the sample display should be sturdy, dense, high, low and the display surface should be ergonomically visual, and it should be visually comfortable for customers, so that customers can browse and deliver goods far and near.

Second: to combine the geometric shape characteristics of the product shape, the size of the business site is often uncertain in various shopping malls, sometimes the area is not too large or too small, the area is too large and there are not enough color varieties to fill the display space, the area is too small Make product display limited.

Third: comprehensive use of a variety of display rack layout mode, to maximize the display of good products, to attract customers' attention, in order to obtain a considerable sales volume, the display cabinet design of the store can play a guiding role, prompting its purchase to buy certain goods The idea is that the design of the display frame is centered on the customer, insisting on the purpose of attracting customers and insisting on serving customers.