Food And Beverage Display Stand Different Color Selling Points

- Nov 16, 2018-

1. Red: Red is the most festive color in China. It is brightly colored and can catch the eye of the consumer. It is suitable for gifts and food sales in the New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival and other large festivals.

2, blue: the color of the ocean, giving people a sea breeze, comfortable, free, fresh. Can be used for promotional papers such as household paper, consumers will naturally feel the paper is friendly and comfortable.

3, black: solemn, formal, noble and cool. Usually used for the display of higher-end products such as watches, mobile phones, electronic products, the overall value of the appropriate lighting, so that consumers feel professional and trustworthy.

4, white: simple, refreshing, easy to highlight the brand logo. You can place small foods of different colors on the top, using the distinctive color contrast to attract consumers.

5, pink: lively, cute, can capture the natural sensitivity of girls to this color, placed small, special jewelry, such as headwear, bracelets and so on.