How To Clean Stubborn Stains On Plastic Fruit Bowl

- Nov 16, 2018-

Use the waste tea leaves to drink, and the waste cooking oil (oil that has been fried) that is not eaten at home. Dry the tea bag and soak it in the oil, then gently wipe it on the dirt. The dirt is like It melts away and quickly falls off the vessel, which not only removes stains from the smooth plastic fruit bowl, but also removes stains from the uneven surface of the container. It can also be thoroughly cleaned in the gap. At this time, a thin layer of oil is left on the plastic fruit plate, and then a soft cotton cloth or towel can be cleaned and oil-free with a small amount of detergent.

In addition, you can also buy detergents, disinfectant powder, etc., take a small packet, dissolve in the basin, then add a teaspoon to wash the crystal, stir it for about 10 minutes, pour the water out and scrub, for all kinds of oil Dirty has a very good effect, but it has a certain irritating, pay attention to avoid direct contact, wash the kitchen at home, range hood, etc. It can remove stains.