Moisture-proof And Anti-corrosion Method For Display Stand

- Nov 16, 2018-

First, when painting, do not let the display stand explode, and pay attention to the time when the paint on the display stand is separated by a little longer. Don't worry, if you find that the paint surface is foaming, you must re-grind it. Also pay attention to the transportation process, try to choose to deliver in the cooler time in the morning or at night, do not deliver in the strong sun time, so as to avoid the display rack being exposed to the sun.

Second, it is necessary to give the display sun to the sun on time. This will not only dehumidify the display rack, but also prevent some mites from invading the display rack.

Third, pay attention to the surface of the display rack to sprinkle some lime or some desiccant, it can also effectively prevent moisture.