Multi-layer Plastic Display Shelves

- May 30, 2019-

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Plastic shelves


Multi-layer shelves is made by plastic actually. Usually can be placed in the Supermarket, different kinds of stores, Car repair shop, etc. It’s good assistant for commercial promotion and sales.

Also it can used on your home, place in living room, bedroom, toilet, balcony etc. Use at receiving a few small ornament or small goods in the family. It’s let our arrangement become in perfect order.

Plastic shelves compare to other material. Like: stainless steel, solid wood, aluminium alloy shelves. It’s more easy to move and carry. It can be used anytime and anywhere. It’s easy to clean

And storage. It can be customized as customers demand.


  1: Product Introduction:




 A whole of shelves, include tube layer and topper card.

The support tube is triangular shape, we can paste the stick on front of tray.



bottom floor - 2 litre pot of soy sauce.

Second floor - 500ml of soy sauce.

Third floor - 1.5 litre pot of cooking wine.

Fourth floor - 2 litre pot of soy sauce.



13cm for bottom. 40cm&30cm for middle. 42cm for advertise board.

Whole height is 165cm.


Layer color: Red   Tube: transparent


Package:  49.5*21.5*36.5cm.  

carton size:  20FT could load 750pcs.

12 years experience manufatucer.

Raw material is new PP/HIPS for layer, PVC for tube. Heavy bear, strength, bright color.

There's a range of services in our factory

1, design the layer mold

2, plastic layer injection

3, printing

4, topper card made.

Compare to steel or wood shelves, this kind of products easy to teardown, easy to assemble, economic price. 

Can save 50% cost. 2 years warranty, promise 6 years service life. 


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