New Style Promoting Baby Products Plastic Shelves

- Mar 16, 2019-

This kind of shelves widely use in maternal and child, supermarket (a individual place for mother and baby products). Professional exhibition auxiliary promotional materials

PP or HIPS for layers (2 differents of plastic), PVC for tube ( you can choose the transparent tube or colored tube). 

Every shelves could bearing 60kgs. 35*24*5cm size per lay, height is 150-180cm and accept customization.

Customer will see the beautiful shelves and advertising board content first, then pay attached to the products, if meet their mind, The probability of purchase is very high. 

It's easy to carry, Reduce the working intensity of supermarket staff. 

It takes up less space, and doesn't affect customers' walking.

This is an independent publicity area that will immediately attract the attention of customers.

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Photos provided by customers in their shop:


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