Supermarket-candy Food Plastic Display Tray Rack

Supermarket-candy Food Plastic Display Tray Rack

What is display on the rack: chewing gum, candy, snacks, leisure food back board client brand OEM is available. ABS material.
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Product Details

Candy Installation instructions for combined display stands

Step 1: Take out all the parts as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Remove left and right side plates, And 4 layyers from small to large, start at the top,It's stuck in the slot on the side panel.

Step 3: Remove the bottom slideway, as picture, It's stuck in the slot at the bottom.

Step 4: Place the top compartment into the top tray,( can be placed according to product size)

Step 5: Insert the PVC board into a slot in the side plate.

Step 6: labelled short one on toppr layer side, other 2 long one labelled on next layer.

Step 7: Attach the side label to the side panel   

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