2019 New Style Blue Plastic Display Shelves

Generally speaking, each floor of our shelves can bear 50-80 kg. However, if the shelves are made of PP material, there will be obvious dents in the middle of the shelves after the heavy products are put on them.So we generally recommend customers to use HIPS material to make shelves.HIPS material is more expensive than PP, but its bearing capacity and hardness are much better than PP material.
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Plastic Display Specification

Products Size:53*27cm
Description:Classic Design Car Care Display Shelves
Height:Can be customized
Material: PP 638g/HIPS 795g
Tube Material: PVC
Packing:1set/1ctn   carton size 54.5*16.5*28.5cm
Color:Pantone color
Printing:one color silk screen / Multicolor heat transfer printing
BillBoard:Foamcore Board/KT Board  size: 52*30cm
Ties:2-5 layers
Sample charge:USD50-100  return once we get 200sets per order
Sample time:7 days
Unit PriceDepends on Details

About Display Layer

Generally we have two types of shelf layers, one with holes and one without holes. Shelves without holes are generally found in small and medium-sized shelves, while large shelves generally design the layers to be perforated. Because the perforated shelves make the entire shelf layer lighter, it reduces the cost. Many customers will worry that the load-bearing shelf will have a lower load-bearing capacity than the non-porous shelf. In fact, it will not. The branch pipe will affect the load-bearing of the shelf and the design of the shelf will not affect the load-bearing of the shelf.

About Assembly

Our shelves consist of billboards, advertising columns, layers, and branches. Our shelves are detachable and customers can assemble them themselves.组装

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1.What's the material of display layer?

  The material of display layer is PP,also it can be HIPS.

2.What's the material of display tube.

  The tube material is PVC material.

3.How about the payment terms

  30% payment in advance and the balanced payment should be paid before delivery.

4.How about the MOQ?

  The MOQ is 100 sets.

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