Stable Supermarket Plastic Display Shelves

1.Material:HIPS2.Size:50*25*5cm3.Billboard:Top billboard+2 sides billboard+back billboard4.Material of billboard:Chevron board/KT board5.Holder:PVC6.size of holder:customized7.package:1 set/carton8.Carton size:1185*80*510mm9.Port:Ningbo/Shanghai Port
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Product Details

Product Details

This kind of display we manufacture for a famous company in China.The material is HIPS and the size of layer is 50*25*5cm, the layer of number is 4 layers but it can be customized.The layer we desiged with holes so that the weight of display can be lower,it will help customer lower the price.The color of it is green but it can be choosed by pantone NO.The holder material is PVC and the length of it can be customized.Beautiful appearance help customer show their products in supermarket more better.

Stable Supermarket Plastic Display Shelves

The Advantage of Plastic Display Stand

Many customers will curious why we need POP display stand to show our products?Scientific, professional, and consumer-oriented merchandise display can often drive sales growth of 30%-40%. Good merchandise display insists on placing the merchandise on the shelves in a position that is easy for consumers to approach, and as much as possible, allows consumers to have the impulse to contact the merchandise, while at the same time not displaying the same merchandise on the entire laminate, keeping the shelf appearance neat and tidy, and the price tag , POP and other signs should correspond to the goods, and do not hide out of stock. Therefore, good merchandise display will make consumers feel that only merchandise and shelves are hidden behind

Stable Supermarket Plastic Display Shelves

Stable Supermarket Plastic Display Shelves

First impressions are everything

Your product may be the best on the market, but how are you conveying that to shoppers? What would you like your customer to see when they are looking for your product? Do you want them to walk past the naked merchandise, or would you rather they stop, curious about the story you have crafted with packaging? You can attract potential customers with creative, attractive and informative displays and packaging.

Stable Supermarket Plastic Display Shelves


1,  What's the material of picture board

     The head card is use PVC foam board, Some customer will use KT board (more light).

2.  What's the material of Plastic tube

     Plastic tube, you can choose color in pantone book, also can use transparent tube. tube height can make more shorter or more longer. it's depond on your products heights.

3. What's the material of Plastic tray

    you can use PP or HIPS.  You can screen print on the tray front, two sides and back. some client will choose 1 color, some will choose 2-3colors, It's ok.

4, What's the material of connecting strip

    How to contact the board to tubes. The hook&loop paste. we have many width type, such as size 1cm, 1.6cm, 2cm, 3cm, 5cm, 7cm.Also we can make hole on the tube, and use plastic nail install.

Stable Supermarket Plastic Display Shelves

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